France – Wedge Wire Screen

ANDRITZ EUROSLOT France is a global manufacturer for wedge wire screens to improve every process in the industry. ANDRITZ EUROSLOT centrifuge screens had increased retention to the products, reduced maintenance costs, long life sceen that can be repaired. Provided to fit any model and age of continuous centrifuge screens, had no physical modifications required to your machine, slots widths and open area to match the industry needed, reduced down time during your campaign and every screens ANDRITZ EUROSLOT provided case history. ANDRITZ EUROSLOT improve the efficiency of every process.


India – Nozzle, Laterals & Resin Traps Segmented Screen

ANDRITZ EUROSLOT India as a member of ANDRITZ Group is a global manufacturer center for Non-wedge wire internals, Nozzles/Strainer buttons for the Group and Perforated/Punched products for Asian market now. ANDRITZ EUROSLOT India had complete mechanical design & drawing facilities available in-house as Screen Fabricating Machines for manufacturing welded wedge wire wire screens from 50 microns & above and for diameters 33 mm up to 70 mm, Hi-tech Punching machine for precision punching & indenting of sheets up to 1.5 mm thickness. On purpose, nozzles, laterals, & resin traps are basically filtration/retention components used in Ion-Exchange Columns. With ANDRITZ design expertise the nozzles, laterals, and resin traps can be designed to avoid channeling and dead zones in media bed with high lifetime. ANDRITZ has the perfect filtration and separation solution for each application.


Germany – Wedge Wire Screen

ANDRITZ Fiedler has become a global supplier of punched, drilled, milled, micro perforated and wedge wire screening components over tha last decade. The ANDRITZ product portofolio includes high-quality filtration components for the pulp & and paper industry, the food, and animal feed industry, the chemical, oil & gas industry as well as for water treatment and stock preparation in many other branches. In 2015 ANDRITZ acquired Euroslot KDSS, an expert and global of high-precision wedge wire components. Together with ANDRITZ Euroslot , ANDRITZ has a complete product range of wedge wire filtration and separation components for all industries. With more than 25 sales agents worldwide, as well as manufacturing facilities in Europe, India and China, ANDRITZ is in a unique position to provide oprimized filtration components and end-to-end services wherever they are required. ANDRITZ sales engineers are experts for filter and separation media and can help to improve filtration processes and results. No matter what production method, ANDRITZ has the perfect filtration and separation solution for each application.


Feed & Food Industry

Water Treatment

Stock Preparation

Chemical Industry

Oil & Gas Industry


Andritz Euroslot – France & Andritz Fiedler


Andritz Euroslot – India